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Marcin Korfanty

Marcin Korfanty

Managing Partner / CFO

He gained many years of experience in credit risk assessment units in one of the largest banks in Poland. He was responsible for specialist business finance analytics (both in the SME and corporate sectors). In addition to experience in the field of finance, he has the professional qualifications of a property appraiser. In this area, for over 7 years he has been providing his services to entrepreneurs, constantly expanding his knowledge in the field of valuation and business consulting in the field of real estate financing.
Currently, he specializes in the valuation of enterprises, intangible assets and commercial real estate - also as a court expert. Thanks to his experience in banking, he also provides services in the field of real estate financing (methods of raising capital, debt optimization, negotiating terms and supervising the entire investment settlement process).

Sample experience:
  • Valuation for entrepreneurs, receivers and courts of highly specialized investments (including one of the first locomotive factory in Poland, transshipment railway terminals, post-mining areas, investment and development areas)
  • Construction of econometric models showing the dependence and impact of various types of factors on the efficiency of the company's operations ("tailored" models)
  • Comprehensive business consulting (writing business plans, supervising investments, external CFO) for companies in the field of development and raising capital under restructuring programs

  • Amadeusz Stypka

    Amadeusz Stypka

    Legal Counsel
    From the beginning of his career, he represents one of the largest insurance companies in Poland, currently operating for the investment and construction industry. He was one of the specialists dealing with pioneering restructuring proceedings in Poland. On this basis, he gained experience in bankruptcy and corporate consulting. On a daily basis, he advises entrepreneurs on issues related to running a business, both in legal, financial and tax aspects.
    Sample experience:
  • Negotiating the terms of investment and construction contracts with a total value of over PLN 30 million;
  • Representing clients in several hundred court hearings in the field of civil and economic law (including in the development, gambling, processing and disposal of raw materials industries).
  • Co-authorship of one of the first applications in Poland for prepared liquidation, i.e. pre-pack, on the basis of new restructuring proceedings;
  • Comprehensive transformation of the business form of a production company from the cosmetics industry.

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